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P.E.I. Potato Agronomy update: Soil moisture, spore traps and scouting

July 2, 2021  By Potatoes in Canada

The latest weekly update from P.E.I. Potato Agronomy includes rain measurements from the past week and month, information on a late blight “early warning detection” project taking place in the province, recommendations for preventing potato virus Y (PVY) in rapidly developing seed potato crops, and upcoming events.

Rainfall is predicted for later today, which will benefit the growing crops across the Island, but especially those in regions experiencing a moisture deficit from less-than-average June rains.

The late blight detection project – led by the P.E.I. Potato Board, with assistance from the P.E.I. Department of Agriculture and Land (PEIDAL) CAP Applied Research Program and technology from Ontario-based Sporometrics – involves the passive collection and analysis of late blight spores on a weekly basis. Collection from the eight sites situated across the Island will occur on Mondays, and results should be available on Wednesdays. |READ MORE

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