Potatoes in Canada

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Regional management strategies for Colorado potato beetle

March 16, 2022
By Potatoes in Canada


Colorado potato beetle (CPB) is a devastating invasive insect pest of potato and other Solanaceae crops and can be found in potato-growing regions across Canada. The beetle is also capable of developing resistance to insecticides rapidly, making it more of a question of “when” specific resistances will develop, rather than “if.” A five-year study conducted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) researchers is examining CPB from a regional perspective, looking into whether there are genetic differences in CPB depending on region and if this affects insecticide resistance.

In this episode, Tuber Talk host Dylan Sjolie speaks to Dr. Chandra Moffat, a research scientist in entomology and biological control with AAFC’s Summerland Research and Development Centre in British Columbia, and Dr. Ian Scott, a research scientist with AAFC’s London Research and Development Centre in Ontario. They discuss their joint research project focused on the development of regional management strategies and decision making tools for control of CPB, now in its final year.

Show notes:

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