Potatoes in Canada

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Crop WatchNewsHarvesting

October 20, 2020
Ontario growers notice ‘long tubers’ among the harvest

Crop WatchNewsHarvesting

September 25, 2020
High temperatures stall Ontario’s potato harvest

Crop WatchNewsTraits and Genetics

August 28, 2020
Update on Ontario potato variety trials

Crop WatchNewsDiseases

August 26, 2020
Late blight symptoms observed in Delhi, Ont.

Crop WatchNewsDiseases

August 21, 2020
More late blight found in Wisconsin, early blight attacks Ontario

Crop WatchNews

August 14, 2020
High incidence of second growth for Ontario’s fresh market growers

Crop WatchNewsDiseases

August 14, 2020
Late blight update: detected in B.C., other provinces clear

Crop WatchFeatures

July 28, 2020
Canadian potato acreage is stable despite COVID-19 estimates

NewsBusiness & PolicyConsumer Issues

July 27, 2020
Members announced for Canada’s first-ever Agricultural Youth Council

Crop WatchNewsCrop ProtectionDiseases

July 22, 2020
‘Generally excellent’: P.E.I. potato crop update shows periods of late blight risk, herbicide damage and CPB concerns

NewsConsumer IssuesPlanting

July 9, 2020
“French fries feed farmers” campaign: Industry stepped in to help growers during COVID-19 pandemic

NewsBusiness & Policy

July 3, 2020
Newfoundland invests $2.75M for land development to increase potato production

NewsBusiness ManagementMarkets and Marketing

July 2, 2020
More potatoes? Saskatchewan announces $4-billion project doubling irrigable land in the province

Crop WatchNewsDiseasesPest Control

June 26, 2020
Ontario potato update: emergence concerns, CPB, good tuber sizes

Crop WatchNewsDiseases

June 19, 2020
Alberta spore traps catch late blight spores

Crop WatchNewsCrop Protection

June 19, 2020
Hot weather in Ontario speeds up development of insects

Crop WatchNewsPlanting

June 9, 2020
Abnormal stem elongation seen in Ontario potato field

Crop WatchNewsPest Control

June 9, 2020
High black cutworm pressure reported in Ontario

NewsBusiness Management

May 28, 2020
PEI Farm Team doubles bursaries for students willing to work on farms

NewsBusiness ManagementStorage

May 16, 2020
Canada’s potato seed inventory 0.9 per cent below three-year average

FeaturesBusiness ManagementMarkets and Marketing

May 15, 2020
‘Strong consumer demand’: Fresh storage holdings 11.3 per cent below three-year average

NewsMarkets and Marketing

May 13, 2020
Canadian processing potato holdings are 4.2 per cent above three-year average

Crop WatchNewsCrop ProtectionDiseases

May 6, 2020
Potato scout training goes virtual for 2020 season

NewsBusiness & Policy

May 6, 2020
$252 million in support announced for agriculture sector


April 6, 2020
Ontario government creates online job portal to fill positions in agri-food sector


April 6, 2020
From the Editor: Business as usual


February 24, 2020
Manitoba drainage contractors install tile on frozen potato fields


January 31, 2020
Highlights from Manitoba’s Potato Production Days