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BASF receives registration for new wireworm control products

October 21, 2020  By Potatoes in Canada

BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions (BASF) received registration for broflanilide, its newest active ingredient from Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

Broflanilide, the first IRAC Group 30 available in Canada, is an insecticide in two new unique products: Teraxxa F4 insecticide and fungicide for cereals and Cimegra for potatoes and corn. Both products will be available to Canadian growers for the 2021 season.

With a new mode of action, broflanilide targets all wireworm larval stages which helps suppress and control potential seasonal recovery of wireworm populations. While prior solutions intoxicated wireworms, leaving a potential for their recovery, broflanilide binds to the wireworm’s central nervous system causing hyperactivity of nerves and muscles, which ultimately eliminates the pest altogether. According to BASF, this offers growers a new opportunity to protect their crop from a notoriously tough-to-control pest.


Cimegra insecticide

Cimegra insecticide provides control of prevalent and difficult to control chewing insects in potatoes and corn, including wireworm, for in-season management and reduction of resident populations.

“Cimegra insecticide has demonstrated great performance and can be easily incorporated into an integrated pest management strategy. It offers a unique mode of action that delivers lasting efficacy with no known resistance, making it an excellent new tool for the management of wireworms” said Allison Friesen, technical market specialist with Insecticides and Seed Treatment at Agriculture Solutions Canada.

Teraxxa F4

Teraxxa F4 insecticide and fungicide seed treatment is a new tool for cereal growers, especially those in Alberta and Saskatchewan, who have battled significant crop damage and loss due to wireworms in recent years. The solution includes four fungicide active ingredients in a convenient pre-mix for broad spectrum protection against seed and soilborne diseases and ease of application both on and off the farm.

“Growers have struggled with wireworms in cereals for years, with available products deterring, rather than eliminating wireworms,” said Chris Hewitt, seed treatment and inoculant marketing lead at BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions. “BASF invests significantly in research and development that helps growers to manage tough agronomic challenges and Teraxxa F4 is the first of many cereal innovations to come. We’re proud to offer growers the new standard for wireworm control in cereals.”

Growers can learn more about Teraxxa F4 seed treatment and Cimegra insecticide and all other BASF Agricultural Solutions products by visiting www.agsolutions.ca.

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