Potatoes in Canada

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Canadian Potato Summit 2022
February 2, 2022 at 12:00pm ET

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About UPL Canada

At UPL, our portfolio of innovative solutions for the Canadian potato market is growing. From tried-and-true fungicides, insecticides and herbicides with positive resistant management profiles, to innovative plant growth regulators and newer registrations like MANZATE® MAX Fungicide and OHM™ Biostimulant, we’re transforming agriculture with innovative solutions that deliver maximum performance and value.

For more information about the complete UPL portfolio for potatoes, visit gowithwhatworks.ca.

MANZATE® MAX Fungicide

Now registered for use on potatoes, MANZATE MAX is a liquid, multi-site protectant fungicide (FRAC M3) that provides effective control of early and late blight. The active ingredient, mancozeb, is one of the most economical, broad-spectrum fungicides for early and late blight. And because it is a multi-site fungicide, there is a low risk of resistance developing.

OHM™ Biostimulant

OHM Biostimulant a highly advanced, highly concentrated form of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract that optimizes nutrient use efficiency for enhanced plant development and higher yield potential in potatoes. Using a proprietary extraction process, OHM provides a pure formulation that is a key component of improving nutrient uptake and use at key physiological stages of plant development. In development trials, yield benefits up to 18% have been captured, in addition to visual plant health improvement.

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