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February 2, 2022 at 12:00pm ET


Hydrogel Technology

Sustainable water management is a very hot topic right now and will be for the next decades. Are you prepared? What if you could reduce your watering frequency by half?

How does it work? Add Stockosorb to your potting soil or banded and mixed with granular fertilizer. Stockosorb hydrogel will absorb water and nutrients during rainfalls. Water and Nutrients will remain stored into the hydrogel to be released in the root zone during dryer times. Making water available to the root at any time.

“We are very proud to offer Stockosorb660 to farmers, as this product responds well to current environmental issues. This product registered by the CFIA allows for better water retention and thus reduces the watering frequency. In addition, it mixes well with fertilizers and breaks down naturally in the soil without any harmful residues for the environment. We are proud to present an eco-friendly product. Producers will be able to purchase this product from their supplier today. ” – Marc Richard Agr., President of Eco +

Absorption Capacity. A single Stockosorb660 crystal can absorb up to 70 to 120 times its weight in water, which can reduce the watering frequency by up to 50%. Stockosorb remains performant during 2-3 seasons: 1 Kg of Stockosorb can absorb up to 250 liters of water and releases it up to 100 times.

Eco-Friendly. CFIA Licensed. This product is made of Polyacrylic Acid-Potassium Salt and will break down into natural components: carbon dioxide, water and potassium salts. No adverse effects to humans, animals, plants and group water.

For more information visit our website at: http://eco-plus.ca/