Potatoes in Canada

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Canadian Potato Summit 2022
February 2, 2022 at 12:00pm ET


At Syngenta, we know growers are always looking for ways to get the best performance for the best value. That’s why we’re proud to offer a broad portfolio with solutions to the toughest pest challenges potato growers face throughout the season.

From the moment planters start rolling, we’re there for you with proven performers like Vibrance® Ultra Potato seed treatment, Orondis® Gold Potato in-furrow fungicide, Miravis® Duo foliar fungicide, Minecto® Pro foliar insecticide and Boundary® LQD herbicide.

Come harvest time, we’ve got your back with desiccants for fast, complete crop drydown and Stadium® post-harvest fungicide to protect potatoes from Fusarium and silver scurf going into storage.

With Syngenta, you also get the support of a passionate, experienced team who can help you get the best results from every application.

Spotlight: Level up with Miravis® Duo fungicide

Miravis® Duo raises the bar for foliar potato fungicides with highly effective early blight control and broad-spectrum protection from brown spot, Botrytis grey mould and white mould so growers can proactively tackle multiple costly diseases at once.

At the core of Miravis® Duo is ADEPIDYN® fungicide – a breakthrough Group 7 active ingredient that provides long-lasting, powerful activity.

Here’s how ADEPIDYN® works to stop disease development when applied preventatively:
ADEPIDYN® waits in the wax layer of treated leaves and stems
When a pathogen tries to enter the plant, ADEPIDYN® moves in and shuts down its ability to produce energy, stopping the disease from infecting the crop.

Watch this video to learn more about how ADEPIDYN® works.

Miravis® Duo also features the proven performance of difenoconazole (Group 3) for an added layer of protection and built-in resistance management.

Watch this video to find out how Miravis® Duo performed across Canada last season.

Learn how to level up your fungicide program at Syngenta.ca/Miravis-Duo-potatoes.

Photo taken in Saint-Laurent-de-I’île-d’Orléans, QC, in September 2020. Two applications of Miravis® Duo were applied versus two applications of the competitive standard treatment within the grower’s foliar program.
Performance evaluations are based on internal trials, field observations and/or public information. Data from multiple locations and years should be consulted whenever possible. Individual results may vary depending on local growing, soil, and weather conditions.

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