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No report of late blight in Manitoba

Aug. 22, 2013, Manitoba – There is no report of late blight in Manitoba, according to a recent disease report by Dr. Vikram Bisht, plant pathologist, potato and horticultural crops at Manitoba Agriculture, Foods & Rural Initiatives.

Based on weekly accumulation of DSVs, western and north-central potato growing areas have medium risk, especially in wind-protected areas of the field. Hot and windy conditions appear to have reduced the risk. There is forecast for some scattered rains in the coming few days. Based on the forecast for your area, it may help to have fungicide protection within crop canopy. 

Reds are being harvested in some early planted fields. P-Days for June 10 emerged plants have reached close to 650+. Tuber bulking and maturity is progressing very well. In-spite of the delay of 2+ weeks for planting, 10 ft digs are good.

Within the last week late blight on tomato was reported from Chatham-Kent, Ont.

More incidences of late blight reported from the eastern seaboard US (MA, ME, NY, PA); east-central US (KY & OH) - predominantly US #23 strain. 

August 22, 2013
By Dr. Vikram Bisht


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