Potatoes in Canada

Sponsored: MicroVent Vision Works with Any Storage System Design

With a myriad of potato storage systems out there in both bulk and box form, Gorman Controls knows that it’s crucial to have a ventilation system control panel that’s versatile and works with any storage design.

January 10, 2019  By Gorman Controls Ltd.

The MicroVent Vision Control Panel can be easily installed as part of a bulk storage system, in which there can be a number of plenum/lateral combinations with in-floor ventilation or pipe distribution. In a box design, the control panel can be used as part of an overthrow, pressure wall, letterbox, and/or drying wall system.

“It’s suitable for basically any design we can come up with,” says Gorman Controls Vice- President Duane Gorman. Because Gorman Controls works with customers to design ventilation systems from the ground-up, the company has seen the MicroVent Vision Control Panel operate in virtually every storage system imaginable.

“We provide drawings for the storage system itself, from the fan room to the air distribution system, whether it be in-floor or pipe ventilation or overthrow-type systems,” Gorman says. “We can provide options for whatever the crop calls for.”


The MicroVent Vision Control Panel also has several features that provide a fully customized operation, including demand ventilation, pile sensor averaging, and fan speed control. It also comes with its own app for iOS and Android, which allows you to receive notifications of anything that happens with your system.

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