Potatoes in Canada

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Manitoba potato report: June 24

June 28, 2016, Manitoba – The crops continue to look very good, says Vikram Bisht in the Manitoba potato report from June 24. Most early planted crops are row closed and many are nearly so. The rainfall distribution has been very good, and very few fields need irrigation. The accumulated Disease Severity Risk Values (DSVs) for late blight are currently low and below the critical value of 18 across the province; however, it will be helpful to have at least one protectant fungicide application before complete row closure to protect the lower and hidden canopy. It is good to see that many farms are now clearing away the cull piles near their yard and fields. 

A few fields are showing herbicide drift injury symptoms. It is important that the applicators are cognizant of the crop injury potential to potatoes, and avoid spraying when the wind speed is above an acceptable level, toward the wrong direction or it is dead calm (no air movement).