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Establishment of a platform for rapid diagnosis of current and potential potato diseases in Alberta

November 10, 2022  By RDAR

Rapid detection and diagnosis of potato diseases is key to providing information on early management or
confirmation to customers that diseases are not present. The ability of the Alberta potato industry to effectively monitor and diagnose disease(s), in a timely manner, will limit potato market access and supply disruption.

How will this research impact Alberta’s agriculture industry?

Alberta ranks third in Canada for potato production and is the major seed potato producer and exporter in the country. Alberta’s potato industry consists of approximately 60,000 acres, with the majority of the crop grown for processing or seed. The industry as a whole contributes over $1 billion to the economy annually. Many diseases that may attack potato and seed potatoes are vulnerable than other crops to biotrophic pathogens such as viruses and parasitic bacteria.


The continued success of the industry depends on the production of high-quality disease-free potatoes. Early and rapid diagnosis is important for disease management and for consumer confirmation that the disease is not present. | READ MORE

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