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Velum® Prime Nematicide a key part of an Integrated Nematode Management Program for Potatoes

For Canadian potato growers, nematodes and diseases can reduce yield potential and marketability of their potato crops. Nematodes, especially root lesion, root knot and potato cyst, are a key threat to a potato crop and particularly difficult to control. Although there are no estimates of yield losses specific to Canada, it is estimated that 10% of the potato crop is lost annually to nematodes in the U.S. It is reasonable to assume that this may also be the case for Canada.1 In addition to nematodes, diseases including early blight and black dot can also rob yield potential and decrease product quality.

There are solutions that can help reduce crop damage from nematodes and fungal diseases. Velum® Prime nematicide is an innovative non-fumigant nematicide for potatoes with a secondary benefit of fungicidal activity on early blight and black dot. When used in an integrated, comprehensive nematode management program, Velum Prime can help increase yield and quality for potato growers.

Velum Prime Nematicide / Fungicide

Velum Prime is a broad spectrum nematicide/fungicide labeled for use in potato and other crops in Canada. It specifically targets root lesion, root knot and potato cyst nematodes. Velum Prime has also demonstrated effectiveness in the suppression of early blight and black dot fungal diseases. It is a nematicide/Group 7 fungicide with a mode of action that rapidly immobilizes nematodes, killing them one to two hours after contact. The active ingredient then moves systemically throughout plant tissues, suppressing early blight and black dot diseases. Velum Prime has limited soil mobility and excellent systemic plant mobility. The suppression of nematodes can lead to improved root health and plant vigour.


Velum Prime can be applied in-furrow during planting. It comes in a liquid formulation that makes it ideal for use with common in-furrow application equipment. In general, Velum Prime is most effective when the chemical is uniformly applied to soil and targeted toward the future rooting zone of the plant, where the chemical can contact nematodes or be absorbed by the plant.

Always refer to the latest label instructions for proper application rates and procedures.

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