Potatoes in Canada

Virtual Event
Canadian Potato Summit 2021
February 3, 2021 at 12:00pm ET

Live Speaker Session 2: Potato breeding update

Speaker: Vanessa Currie, Potato Research Program, University of Guelph

Vanessa will give an update from the University of Guelph’s research program, including variety trials and a pathology study.

View a copy of the 2020 Ontario Potato Trials report here.


Vanessa Currie

Vanessa Currie began conducting potato research after graduating university in 1989. She started by working with controls for Colorado Potato Beetle but soon developed a passion for finding new potato varieties for Canadians. Gary Johnston, breeder of the Yukon Gold potato, was her first mentor. Over the years the potato research program at the University of Guelph has encompassed a wide range of subjects, such breeding new varieties for chip and fresh markets, potatoes for human health, alternate markets for potatoes, and more recently, potato pathology. Vanessa loves researching and eating potatoes.