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IWCA series: Karen Tanino

September 4, 2022
By Potatoes in Canada


When Karen Tanino was hired by the University of Saskatchewan’s college of agriculture and bioresources in 1988, she was only the second female faculty member. Now, Tanino is a professor of plant sciences at the university and leads or is involved in many other projects concerning a variety of crops, environmental conditions, and extension and outreach activities; her self-confidence and drive to figure things out and move forward, as well as the support of her male colleagues, have made her a force to be reckoned with in Canadian agriculture. 

In this episode of AgAnnex Talks, Tanino, one of the 2022 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture, speaks with Fruit and Vegetable and Top Crop Manager East editor Alex Barnard about recognizing our influence on others (and vice versa) and the responsibility that comes with it, the value of a broad knowledge base, and the optimism inherent to agriculture.

IWCA is a program created by the agricultural brands at Annex Business Media designed to recognize women who make a difference in Canada’s ag industry and provide them with a platform to share their knowledge, triumphs and advice.

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Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science, platinum sponsor of the 2022 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program.