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Parasol WG approved for organic production

April 10, 2015, Calgary – Canadian organic potato growers have a new copper hydroxide available for use in production. 

April 10, 2015
By Nufarm Agriculture


Nufarm Agriculture Inc.’s Parasol WG is a wettable granular formulation of copper hydroxide used to control various fungal diseases in potatoes, as well as beans (dry and edible), tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and sugarbeets. The dust-free formulation controls bacterial spot, cercospora leaf blight, common bacterial blight, early and late blight, and halo bacterial blight.

Parasol WG is now compliant with Canadian Organic Standards. All product manufactured after 2013 contains only substances that appear on the Organic Production Systems Permitted Substances Lists and is suitable for use in organic agriculture.

“Parasol WG offers an important management tool in organic operations when cultural practices alone aren’t enough to control fungal diseases,” says Sabrina Bladon, eastern marketing manager with Nufarm Agriculture Inc.

Parasol WG is now certified by Pro-Cert, providing professional organic certification to the Canadian Organic Standard (CAN/CGSB – 32.310 and 32.311) and Products Regulation (COR). All newly certified product can be clearly identified by date of manufacture (2014 and later) and lot number (beginning with “14”) located at the base of the 10 kg paper bag of Parasol WG.