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New fungicide for potato growers

Feb. 19, 2014, Guelph, Ont. – Bayer CropScience Canada has received registration for Serenade Soil, a new biological fungicide for fruit and vegetable crops, including potatoes. With a unique mode of action (FRAC Group 44), the company says Serenade Soil creates a disease protection zone around the seed and roots. The beneficial bacteria in the fungicide grow with the plant, expanding the disease protection zone and creating armor for the seed and the roots against common soil diseases like rhizoctonia and pythium. The mode of action is exempted from maximum residue limits, and has a zero day pre-harvest interval, according to a Bayer press release.

"Studies have shown that because Serenade Soil helps activate the plant’s natural defense mechanism it improves root colonization, increases efficiency of photosynthesis, and improves plant growth," the press release said. Its liquid formulation allows for tank-mixing with both fungicide and insecticide products.

For more information, visit BayerCropScience.ca

February 19, 2014  By Potatoes in Canada

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