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New early-season sweet potato variety promises 30 per cent more yield

While Canadian appetites for sweet potatoes have skyrocketed in recent years, production in Eastern Canada remains small.

July 27, 2017  By St. Catharine's Standard

Most farmers in Canada grow the Covington variety, harvested in October when it gets cooler. But when the crops are exposed to temperatures less than 10°C, they start to rot. Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s goal was to develop a variety for Canada that can be harvested earlier so it won’t be exposed to the lower temperatures.

Researchers tested more than 2,000 seedlings over a period of years, collaborating with Louisiana State University to develop an early season variety. The result is the V12B445 that Primomo said has 30 per cent more yield than the Covington. | READ FULL STORY


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