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Manzate Max fungicide registered in Canada

Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has granted the registration for PL AgroSolutions Canada’s Manzate Max liquid fungicide for use on potatoes, fruit and vegetable crops.

May 1, 2019
By Potatoes in Canada

Photo Courtesy: Pineland Farms® Potato Company

Manzate Max is a soluble concentrate formulation, versus a dry formulation, of the mancozeb fungicide, which provides protection from a broad spectrum of diseases. It provides effective control of early and late blight in potatoes; and many other diseases such as leaf spot, anthracnose, downy mildew, alternaria leaf spot and more.

Manzate Max is a multi-site protectant fungicide (FRAC M3) that prevents pathogenic organisms from adapting and mutating. After fifty years of use, fungal strains have not developed resistance to Manzate, making the product an important component of a disease management program.

Currently, mancozeb – the main active ingredient in Manzate Max – is one of the most economical broad-spectrum fungicides for early and late blight. Not only is the price point attractive, but because it is a multi-site fungicide, there is a low risk of diseases developing resistance to mancozeb.

“Manzate has earned a reliable reputation over the years as a solid performer, and we’re pleased to bring this new formulation to the market,” says Trent McCrea, portfolio marketing manager, UPL AgroSolutions Canada. Manzate Max will be available in limited quantities during its introductory season.

Currently, the mancozeb fungicide is under re-evaluation by the PMRA. The proposed re-evaluation decision removes the original exception that allows for foliar application of mancozeb on potatoes and will have a great impact on potato growers.

The consultation period has closed, but PMRA has not released its final decision. Industry members are cautiously optimistic that potato growers will retain some uses of the fungicide, but growers might be more limited in terms of application.