Potatoes in Canada

Loblaw launches less-than-perfect produce brand

March 16, 2015, Brampton, ON – Loblaw Companies has introduced a “Naturally Imperfect” line of potatoes and apples, featuring smaller misshapen produce.

March 16, 2015  By Loblaw Companies

Produce involved in the no name Naturally Imperfect program was previously used in juices, sauces or soups, or may not have been harvested due to its small size. With this new program, Loblaw Companies is working to ensure farmers have a market for smaller, misshapen produce, ensuring it does not go to waste.

Naturally Imperfect produce costs up to 30 per cent less than traditional produce options found in store.

“We often focus too much on the look of produce rather than the taste,” said Ian Gordon, senior vice-president of Loblaw Brands with Loblaw Companies Limited. “Once you peel or cut an apple you can’t tell it once had a blemish or was misshapen. no name Naturally Imperfect, is a great example of Loblaw and our vendors coming together to find an innovative way to bring nutritious food options to consumers at a great price.”   


Products in the Naturally Imperfect line are available at Real Canadian Superstore and select no frills locations in Ontario, as well as select Maxi stores in Quebec.

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