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Guelph Organic Conference

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January 26 - January 30, 2021

As of November 9, the Guelph Organic Conference Committee is actively organizing five online seminars, to run January 26 to 30. These seminars are being developed co-operatively with several of the active organic groups in Ontario. Workshops will focus on organic crop production and marketing: product development & launching, expanding organic acreage, certifying non-food products and organic seed production. There will be a special themed speaker on Jan. 30 – Gary Zimmer of Wisconsin will give a lively organic cropping program.

The Conference Committee hopes to run an interesting and motivating Eco-Scholar Program through the end of January during the virtual conference. We will be offering students within Canada the chance to express their personal motivation for being in the organic business. Generous cash prizes will be offered.

All workshop proposals received last March will be kept on file, awaiting news of an in-person event to run in January 2022.

Thank you for your patience as we formulated this plan to “keep the 2021 Conference alive.”

Comments or questions to organix@auracom.com – Attn: Tomás

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