Potatoes in Canada

Delegate registered for aerial application on potatoes

February 12, 2016, Calgary, Alta – Potato growers across Canada have the option of applying Delegate insecticide by air for control of Colorado potato beetle and European corn borer.

“If a seed treatment was not used, or is not offering sufficient control of insects, plan to use Delegate insecticide in your crop,” says Mark Alberts, product manager at Dow AgroSciences. “Delegate is a non-neonic product which provides rapid foliar control of target pests. This aerial application registration is an opportunity for applicators and growers to integrate an excellent new control measure with a unique mode of action into their programs.”

The active ingredient in Delegate is Spinetoram, a member of the spinosyn class of chemistry (Group 5) and controls a broad spectrum of pests by both contact and ingestion. It provides knockdown and residual activity in many fruit, vegetable and field crops, including potatoes. According to the company, Delegate affects the insect nervous system. It does not interact with the known binding sites of other classes of insecticide. Because of Delegate’s mode of action, it is an excellent rotational product that can be used in an IPM system.

Further information on Delegate is available at DowAgro.ca.

February 12, 2016  By Press release

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