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Three Bayer fungicides granted new or extended registration

December 7, 2022  By Potatoes in Canada

On Dec. 7, Bayer Crop Science announced the approval of Minuet biological fungicide, as well as extending registration of two fungicides using actives from Groups 3 and 7 – Propulse in Eastern Canada and Proline Gold in Western Canada.

Minuet biological fungicide has been approved as a soil-applied biological for potatoes and other vegetable crops across Canada. It uses a FRAC Group BM02 fungicide active (Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713) to deliver protection against soil-borne diseases, such as Rhizoctonia root rot, black scurf and stem canker. It also has activity against pink rot and root rot caused by Fusarium, Phytophthora and Pythium.

Minuet is specifically designed for soil application and is a concentrated formulation of Serenade SOIL, a proven in-furrow biological fungicide.


Propulse and Proline Gold fungicides are now registered for use in potatoes – the former in Eastern Canada, and the latter in Western Canada. With prothioconazole (Group 3) and fluopyram (Group 7) as the active ingredients in both products, potato farmers can use Propulse and Proline Gold for control of early blight, brown leaf spot and white mould, alongside suppression of black dot.

“We’ve seen Propulse [and Proline Gold] perform exceptionally well in white mould in dry and edible beans, and we are pleased to extend that same performance to potato farmers as well,” says Meghann Garlough, Bayer campaign marketing manager, horticulture, noting that Propulse also provides control of white mould in blueberry. “[These two products] deliver excellent control of Alternaria and white mould in potatoes and are easy to use with one labelled rate.”

Minuet, Propulse and Proline Gold are available to potato farmers for the 2023 growing season. For more information on Minuet and Proline Gold, visit cropscience.bayer.ca.

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