Potatoes in Canada

Syngenta launches Minecto Pro insecticide in potatoes, fruit and vegetable crops

Syngenta Canada Inc. announces the launch of Minecto Pro foliar-applied insecticide for broad-spectrum control of key pests in potatoes, apples, pears, and a variety of vegetable crops. 

November 28, 2018
By Potatoes in Canada

Minecto Pro delivers rapid activity through two complementary active ingredients – abamectin (Group 6) and cyantraniliprole (Group 28). Both active ingredients use translaminar movement within the plant to achieve coverage, providing a reservoir of activity for extended residual control of targeted pests to help keep crops healthier, longer.

“The introduction of Minecto Pro offers potato growers the strength of cyantraniliprole, bolstered by abamectin, to protect their crop from Colorado potato beetle,” says Sam Livesey, commercial projects lead with Syngenta Canada.

Minecto Pro is also registered for control of European corn borer, spider mite, potato psyllid, and flea beetle in potatoes.

In apples and pears, Minecto Pro provides effective control of a number of key pests, including labelled species of mites, aphids, and leafminers, plus economically important lepidopteran species, including codling moth, and Oriental fruit moth. The insecticide is also registered to control labelled pests in various vegetable crops.

An adjuvant must be used with Minecto Pro. The liquid formulation can also be easily tank-mixed with several fungicides, including Aprovia Top and Orondis Ultra.

Minecto Pro will be available for the 2019 season and will be sold in 4 x 3.78 L jugs.

For more information about Minecto Pro insecticide, please visit Syngenta.ca, contact your local Syngenta Representative or our Customer Interaction Centre at 1‑87 SYNGENTA (1‑877‑964‑3682).