Potatoes in Canada

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Future-proof farming: Healthy soil, healthy ROI

March 26, 2021
By AgAnnex Talks Podcast/Potatoes in Canada


Martin Entz of the University of Manitoba believes that Canadians were given a sacred gift: some of the best soils in the world. It’s because of our relatively stable soil that Canada has been able to become a food basket that keeps on giving. But the state of soil is never permanent. As we use land for growing, it goes through changes, strains and evolutions.

Entz is one of the three guests on this podcast episode who discusses the role that landowners and land improvement professionals such as drainage contractors can play in the maintenance of long-term soil health. We’re also joined by Claudia Wagner-Riddle of the University of Guelph, and Brian Dougherty of Iowa State University to discuss how soil standards and responsible drainage practice can help elevate farming for decades to come.

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