Potatoes in Canada

New variety field notes

Digging early in the morning is fine, but the combination of high temperatures and humidity in the afternoon makes harvesting potatoes very risky. I have started digging the variety trials, and some of the new entries look promising. They all yield well, but I have had these varieties in trial for only one year. I have attached a few photos of these 4 promising varieties. Field notes below:

September 26, 2017  By Eugenia Banks

CERATA: Red skin

GLOSSY: Early maturing, 5 days later than Envol. Higher yielding than Envol, and tolerant to scab. Round tubers, cream coloured flesh. The female parent is ‘Rochdale Gold-Dorée’ (Seed from La Patate Lac St. Jean)

CAMPAGNA: A light Russet with long tubers of good size. White flesh and tolerant to scab. Did very well in Alliston, Shelburne and Waterdown. Need to determine the Gravity. (Seed from La Patate Lac St. Jean)

SPARTAN CHIPPER: Round tubers, white flesh. Resistant to scab. Medium early. Being fried by WD (Seed from Michigan State University)

CERATA: Red skin, white flesh. Tubers are oval-shaped. Cerata is a medium-late variety for the fresh market. This variety is grown in countries around the Mediterranean and in Eastern Europe. (Seed from Solanum International)

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