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Company launches field trials of cold storable potato

July 10, 2015, New Brighton, MN – Calyxt, Inc., a Minnesota-based company focusing on developing healthier food products, recently announced it has started field trials of its cold storable potato.

Calyxt has previously validated in the greenhouse its potatoes developed by inactivating a single endogenous gene responsible for sugar accumulation when stored at cold temperatures. The multi-location field trials aim to provide the first proof of cold storability and reduced acrylamide content of field-grown potatoes.

“The development of potatoes that have improved cold-storage characteristics and healthier attributes positions Calyxt as a key player in the potato industry,” said Luc Mathis, CEO of Calyxt, Inc. “Initiating field validation of our potatoes is a key milestone for the French fries, potato chips and fresh market applications.”