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Canadian potato production increases in 2018

Potato farmers planted 347,416 acres of potatoes in 2018, an increase of 0.5 per cent from 2017, according to Statistics Canada's update on potato production.

July 26, 2018
By Potatoes in Canada

The overall trend is that planting of potatoes is increasing out west

Seeded area increased in New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Prince Edward Island still leads in potato production, accounting for 24.2 per cent of total potato planted area. Manitoba and Alberta follow behind accounting for 18.5 per cent and 15.9 per cent of the total potato planted area respectively. 

Provincial Breakdown:
Acreage has increased in New Brunswick by 1,300 acres to fill increased processing demand, according to a summary by Potato Growers of Canada. Ontario had the largest decrease, down 1,400 acres, a result of fresh and chip producers exiting. Nova Scotia planted 200 less acres, which represents a 11.8 per cent decrease for the province. The largest increase was seen in Alberta, up by 1,840 acres or 3.4 per cent, because of processing expansion happening in the province. 
2018 Canadian Potato Plantings