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Aprovia label expands to include main contributor to potato early dying

Syngenta Canada has announced the expansion of the Aprovia fungicide label to include additional soil-borne diseases affecting potato production, including Verticillium wilt, one of the main contributors to potato early dying.

Potato early dying is a complex and economically significant disease that is widespread across many growing areas, but difficult to identify and effectively manage.

Verticillium enters plants through the roots and move into the xylem – the plant’s water and conducting vessels – where they disrupt nutrient and water mobility. This causes plant leaves and stems to wither and die-off several weeks earlier than they would at normal maturity. Potato stems heavily infected with Verticillium stand out in a field above the canopy of uninfected plants.

In fields with high Verticillium infection, photosynthesis is decreased which results in reduced quality and yields.

Aprovia contains the recently registered active ingredient Solatenol (benzovindiflupyr), a powerful Group 7 succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) fungicide. When applied in-furrow at planting, Aprovia works from within the plant to help reduce the foliar symptoms of Verticillium wilt that appear later in the season.

Aprovia also provides suppression of silver scurf and Rhizoctonia, the cause of stem and stolon canker, and black scurf.

At this time, Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Aprovia fungicide have been established for markets in Canada and the United States.

Growers should consult the Aprovia product label for complete rate and application information.


January 9, 2017
By Potatoes in Canada

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